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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Malaga v Dortmund preview - Champions League 2013

James Richardson, Paul Macdonald and Peter Staunton discuss Malaga's Champions League quarter-final tie with Dortmund.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bayern Munich v Juventus preview - Champions League 2013

James Richardson, Peter Staunton and Carlo Garganese discuss Bayern Munich's Champions League quarter-final tie with Juventus.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Real Madrid v Galatasaray preview - Champions League 2013

James Richardson, Peter Staunton and Carlo Garganese discuss Real Madrid's Champions League quarter-final tie with Galatasaray.

An amazing thing happened to me today [3-29-13]: Jesus talked to me

I did not feel Jesus occupies the first place in my life even if I strongly believe in Him, and I go to church so often in order to worship Him and hear His words. That was bothering me a lot as a Christian because I feel that I still miss something important in my life.

After attending an English class at University Central of Florida (UCF) last Tuesday, I thought it was the right moment to talk to someone about that personal issue. I asked Mrs Sue, a teacher and the wife of a pastor, to give me some minutes after the class which was not a problem for her. I explained her what’s going on on my Christianity life. I made her understand when I am in difficult situations, I give Jesus the priority, and Jesus always answer me positively; however, in normal situation I don’t feel Jesus has the same importance. Mrs Sue was very happy to advise me about that, and she offered me the possibility to meet his husband, the pastor Clade Blackwell, tomorrow night after another English class that I had to attend at Aloma Church.

Effectively, I made an appointment with pastor Clade for right after the class which supposed to end at 8:30 PM. We started talking around 8:40, and we spent more than 1 hour. In our conversation, Mrs Sue’s husband made me understand better some fundamental points about Christianity life. I felt my life is transforming at this moment, and I said to him that I am ready to start a new experience with Jesus, a new life in Jesus Christ, which means Jesus will be above all. The pastor prayed with me and explained me how to GROW as a Christian. I left Aloma Church with an incomparable joy.

While I was driving to get back home, I can feel I was a different person. However, arriving at home, I did not find an happy wife because she was worried not to see me yet. She was right because I did not announce her what I will do after the class. I explained her why I came late, and at the end she was happy for me.

On Thursday, my wife and I got a busy day. From MetroPCS to WalMart to buy some stuffs to cook later, passing by Wester Union to make a money transfer toward Haiti, we left our house around 4 o’clock and get back almost midnight.

Actually, I was scheduled to work today from 4 to 13. That’s mean I will not sleep enough  before going to work. To avoid oversleeping, we both set up our alarm phones for 3 o’clock. So we both wake up on time. “Are you going to take a bath now,” asked her to me. I say yes dear. Maybe we were too tired, we both fell asleep.

Meanwhile, I have a dream where I see that I was scheduled to start working at 5 o’clock. My wife was ready to drop me while she received an important phone call, but she set up a reminder. Unfortunately someone else take off the reminder, so when she was done it’s already 5:15 which means I will be completely late. I cannot afford to be late in the job because I am a new employee, and I am under evaluation for the first 3 months. In the dream I was crying. While we are in our way to go to the work anyway, I keep saying I will lose the job, but she tells me no that will not happen to you babe........ It’s like Jesus tells me in my dream: “ if you stay more in your bed, here what will happen to you.”

So, I wake up, and the clock shows 3:40. That’s mean I get only 10 minutes to take a bath and get dressed  because I will take about 7 minutes to drive. Thanks to God, and with the help of my wife, I clock in exactly at 4:00.

That was an amazing experience for me. I think it’s the first time Jesus has talked to me. For me, what happened this morning is a proof that Jesus has listened to my prayers and already sit in the first place of my life.

Thank you to everyone who helps me.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

HTC One vs iPhone 5 Drop Test!

Just how durable is the new HTC One? Find out as it's "Drop Test Time!"

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brésil: Scolari est de retour, …et 0 victoire en 3 matchs !

Hier pour son 3e match [contre Russie], depuis son retour à la tête de la sélection brésilienne de football, Luiz Felipe Scolari était à quelques minutes de sa seconde défaite après celle enregistrée lors de sa première sortie, face à l’Angleterre en février dernier, quand Fred a égalisé en tout de fin de match pour arracher le nul et éviter le pire. 

Échoué avec le Brésil en ¼ de finale et en finale lors de la Copa America en 2011 et les Jeux Olympiques de Londres en 2012 respectivement, Mano Menezes, au poste depuis 24 Juillet 2010, ne faisait plus l’unanimité à la tête de l’équipe brésilienne. Donc il a été limogé le 23 novembre 2012. 

À 18 mois du Mondial-2014 organisé à domicile où la "Seleçao" veut à tout prix remporter sa sixième étoile, la confédération brésilienne de football (CBF) ne voulait plus risquer et a donc choisit un ancien champion du monde, Luiz Felipe Scolari, pour accomplir cette mission.

 Felipao fait donc son retour officiel au poste de sélectionneur du brésil le 29 novembre 2012 après avoir conduit les Ronaldo, Rivaldo au 5e sacre mondial. À court terme, il devra faire le Brésil renouer avec la victoire qui est resté sous deux matchs sans victoire, et offrir le 4e titre de la Coupe des Confédérations, organisée en été prochain, avant de concrétiser le rêve le plus cher de tous les Brésiliens et les fans du Brésil qui est de voir Thiago Silva [capitaine] soulever le trophée le 13 juillet 2014 dans le stade mythique du Maracanã à Rio. 

D’entrée de jeu, l’ancien sélectionneur portugais devra affronter l’Angleterre à Londres en février et l’Italie à Genève au mois prochain, deux duels donc. Il permet au défenseur de 29 ans du Bayern Munich, Dante, d’honorer sa première sélection; il rappelle Júlio César, Fred, Ronaldinho etc. 

Le 6 février 2013 tous les projecteurs étaient braqués sur Wembley pour ce match. Ronaldinho a raté son penalty face au brillant portier de Manchester City, Joe Hart, et Frank Lampard offre la victoire [2-1] aux anglais. Donc sortie ratée de Scolari.

Un mois plus tard, le Brésil doit jouer l’Italie. Tout le monde attend la réaction du Brésil, nouvelle version [version Scolari]. À Genève, le 21 mars 2013, après les 45 premières minutes du match, les Brésiliens menaient 0-2. On croyait assister à la réponse de Scolari et de ses poulains après leur cauchemar de Wembley, mais c’était sans compter sur Daniele de Rossi et Baletolli qui ont marqué en seconde période dont un joli but de celui surnommé Super Mario. Donc, toujours pas de victoire pour l’homme de 64 ans. 

Quatre jours après le match nul contre l'Italie (2-2), le Brésil affronte la Russie d’un certain Fabio Capello à Stamford Bridge [stade de Chelsea] en Angleterre. L’ancien coach de Chelsea demande à ses joueurs de réagir..., pourtant les russes ont dominé la rencontre et mérité de remporter le match haut la main, mais le but inscrit par Faizulin à la 73e minute n’était pas suffisant car Fred a aussi marqué un but à la 90e pour mettre le score final à 1 but partout. 
 Le Brésil est resté sous cinq rencontres d'affilée sans connaitre la moindre victoire, et Felipao est encore à la recherche de sa première victoire depuis son retour aux commandes de l’équipe brésilienne. 

Il faut remonter jusqu’en 2001 pour retracer pareille série, mais attention … l’année suivante ils ont remporté leur 5e coupe du monde. 

Bolivie est leur prochain adversaire. Ce match se jouera le 4 juin prochain à Santa Cruz, située dans la partie orientale de Bolivie, elle se trouve à une altitude de 416 m.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5

We put the Galaxy S4 up against the main rival - the Apple iPhone 5. How does the now quite literally dwarfed iPhone stack up against the Samsung powerhouse?

"I am the best," says my wife to me

Isn't it nice when you have somebody who is highly thinking of you? Today when I got home from work, a very special gift was waiting for me that my husband bought me on his way from work with a nice writing card with love and kindness like he was just asking me out for the first time… He is a gift from God, my soul mate, my best friend, and the father of my future son. God knows when He puts two people together. I never regret a second that I’ve spent with him. I just love you babe. Thanks again. You're the best Peterson Pierre Juste.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

How football stars are transforming lives

Football stars are often derided for their extravagant lifestyles, but there are some professionals who have devoted huge sums of money to transforming the lives of others

Monday, March 11, 2013

Benitez angry with Ferguson handshake snub

Rafael Benitez was annoyed with Manchester United's Alex Ferguson for avoiding a handshake with him before the sides' 2-2 draw in the FA Cup.

Friday, March 8, 2013

'Bale is Tottenham's Henry' - Marc Overmars

Gareth Bale is building a reputation as a man for the big occasion. The Dutchman insists the in-form 23-year-old merits comparison with the Gunners legend Thierry Henry in this exclusive.

Wayne Rooney leaving Manchester United?

After he was snubbed from Manchester United's Champions League exit to Real Madrid, the cracks between Wayne Rooney and Alex Ferguson appear to be widening.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Manchester United v Real Madrid - Report

Cuneyt Cakir's sending-off of the Portuguese winger Nani divided opinion but proved the turning point as the Red Devils' tactical perfection was undermined, their treble hopes ended.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mourinho to replace Mancini or Benitez?

As the pressure builds on Man City boss Roberto Mancini and Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez, expert Greg Stobart explains why he thinks José Mourinho would be the most likely replacement.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Tamara Suffren cd "Lespwa" : release concert at Maison de la Création (Brussels - Belgium) March 1st., 2013
"Batistè" ("Acte de naissance - Birth certificate")
Tamara Suffren : vocals
Pierre Vaiana : soprano sax
Salvatore Bonafede : piano
Nicolas Thys : double bass
Michel Seba : percussion
(video by Jempi Samyn)

Friday, March 1, 2013

ACCIDENTS:Personne à contacter en cas d'urgence?

Avis à tous!!!! Les ambulanciers ont remarqué que très souvent, lors d'accidents de la route, les blessés ont un téléphone portable sur eux. Toutefois, lors des interventions, on ne sait jamais qui contacter dans ces listes interminables de contacts! Les ambulanciers ont donc lancé l'idée que chacun d'entre nous rentre dans son répertoire, la personne à contacter en cas d'urgence, sous un même pseudonyme. Le pseudonyme internationalement connu est "ICE" , ce qui veut dire "In Case of Emergency" (en cas d'urgence). C'est sous ce nom qu'il faut entrer le numéro de la personne à contacter, utilisable par les ambulanciers, la police, les pompiers ou les premiers secours. Lorsque plusieurs personnes doivent être contactées, on peut utiliser ICE1, ICE2, ICE3 etc.... Facile à faire, ne coûte rien et peut apporter beaucoup! Si vous croyez en l'utilité de cette convention, faites passer le message afin que cela rentre dans les mœurs. Faites-le POUR DE VRAI et faites passer!!! On peut tous, un jour, en avoir besoin !!

Message posté sur le mur Facebook de Asse Berlinda, étudiante en medecine @ UNIQ